Automated Payment Reminder

This system is designed to generate calls to customers and automatically remind the due payments through voice calls. It is designed to Playback recorded messages and read alphanumerical values in Sinhalese and English medium and convey the messages of due payments to customers in efficient way. VoiZ PR System can generate 4 different types of messages in both languages. It can operate over web interface and due payment list with telephone numbers can be uploaded via web interface.

Payment reminder can be done by static recorded call or by dynamic call including due date and due amount. Additionally alphanumerical values like vehicle number or policy number can be added as per the requirement.

 Currently we have large number of telephone circuits for payment reminder that leads to generate bulk volume of calls in a small time frame.

Voiz Network Systems is the first and only company providing Automated Payment Reminder service in Sri Lanka. We are currently serving Sri Lanka’s largest financial institutions and many local corporate clients in Voice Payment Reminders.