Call Center Solutions

Missing one call may lead to lose one or many business. VoiZ call centers are designed to manage all your business calls in an efficient and productive way. VoiZ Call centers are designed to cater small scale business to large scale. Our call centers begin from 5 agent systems. We offer call centers with all the features used in industry plus customized solutions as per our customers’ requirements.

  • Predictive dialer

  • Support for Do-Not-Call List

  • Support for incoming and outgoing campaigns

  • Agent console

  • Advanced Reports

  • Integration with CRM (Based on Web Service)

  • Generates calls from a telephone list

  • Calls are assigned to agents to interconnect them with the clients

  • The predictive agent receives the user information and registers it in the database through forms

  • The information can be exported to spreadsheets

  • The Call Center module receives calls and assigns them to agents through queues.

  • Information of clients can be included in the database to know whose calling and give a better service to the client