When organization have general numbs for get inquires form prospective customers and when they advertised there number we get lots of calls to the same number. This is a call queue if there is  hod on facility in PBX system. 

  From a contact center perspective long call queues would results many miss calls, repeat attempts and customer dissatisfaction. Without proper queue management customers will have to wait on hold or abandon the call. Advance queue management allows customers receive automatic call backs without waiting in a normal call queue system. The intelligent routing and lead management will give the organization the opportunity to recover lost prospects.

Our advance queue management solution provides smart queue management during call center peak times by virtually saving the customers place in the call queue and calling him back later when an agent is available. This feature is especially important during special promotions or random increase in call traffic. Furthermore this will also help to reduce call center costs as there is no need to increase staff requirements to manage high traffic.

In addition to this our advance queue management function allows customers to choose the option of receiving a call back option on later time. It allows the customer to schedule an appointment to speak with an agent or marketing officer at a convenient time they specify. This scheduling option gives customers flexible options while building value and loyalty. Moreover our least cost routing option uses specific trunks to dial telecommunication operators. For example a Sri Lanka Telecom trunk will be used to dial a SLT number while a Dialog mobile trunk will be used to dial a Dialog mobile number user.

Failure to address unique customer needs results in businesses loosing significant market share and eventually will be driven out of the market”