Once a customer calls the contact center and speaks to an agent, the agent will enter the customer location details in the computer interface and immediately an integrated Google map screen pop will show the nearest branch to the customer location. Afterwards a Short Message Service (SMS) will be sent to a relevant marketing officer of that branch followed by an automatic call though the system IVR.

If the marketing officer is busy and does not answer the call, the system will automatically redirect the call to the particular officer at a schedule time basis. The officer can indicate though the IVR a convenient time for the call back, for example in a few hours or days.

If the marketing officer answers the customer call and addresses the customer queries and the call is disconnected the IVR will ask the officer to indicate the status of the customer inquiry through the following options:

Scheduled an appointment with the customer to discuss product options, The customer does not qualify for company product or service, Once the officer selects the appropriate options the IVR will record the response.

Business loose significant number of prospects due to failure to connect the right prospects with the right experts”